Globe Leasing

Globe Leasing offers premium fleet management services for corporate clients. The company provides vehicles on a fixed-tenure basis, a fantastic solution for a business that prefers to avoid the expenses tied to purchasing and maintaining its own fleet. With monthly payment options available, our clients are able to free up cash for use in core aspects of their businesses.

We offer two types of vehicle leases.

Operating Lease

The client makes use of the vehicle for a fixed tenure after which the vehicle remains the property of Globe Motors.

Purchase Lease

The client pays for the acquisition of the vehicle at the end of the fixed tenure.

Globe Leasing’s clientele currently includes companies in the Oil & Gas and Financial services sectors as well as public sector institutions. Clients can choose from our range of Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai and Higer vehicles. The minimum tenure for our leasing services is 24 months.

Other leasing segments serviced by the company include boats, house boats, generators, contract drivers, building of ambulance buses and adhoc products requested by our clients.